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Born of Fire Movie Download in Hindi

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A lot of full-frontal male and female nudity may be found in the unsettling and gory scenes that director Jamil Dehlavi stages.

Nevertheless, the general mood of the movie is surprisingly mild-mannered despite these inflammatory components.

The narrative’s Islamic mysticism seems genuine, and the conclusion includes a number of solemn quotations from the Koran.

However, this sincerity becomes an issue; adding some grimy exploitation would have really improved the overall experience!

Don’t ignore the movie’s remarkable parts, though.

The Eastern-influenced musical score brilliantly heightens the ambiance and accentuates the carefully picked settings.

In one memorable moment, the heroine accidentally leaves a stain by bleeding against an oddly white rock formation.

If these moments had been present more frequently, BORN OF FIRE would have become a cult classic rather than just an entertaining curiosity.

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Born of Fire Movie Download Online Free – Overview

With his 1980 thriller The Born of Fire, Pakistani-French director Jamil Dehlavi stormed onto the movie scene.

However, once the country’s then-leader General Zia-ul-Haq officially banned the movie, Dehlavi promptly left for England.

Born of Fire, his debut English-language motion picture is a legendary and fanciful horror movie that incorporates djinns, dervishes, and Iblis (Satan) into its Islamic cosmology.

The film, which stars Peter Firth and Suzan Crowley and was written and directed by Jamil Dehlavi, was made by the up-and-coming British production firm Film Four and conjures up a variety of progressively spooky and rocky images.

The soundtrack of the movie enhances the visuals,

Movie NameBorn of Fire
Release DateJanuary 1987
DirectorJamil Dehlavi
Runtime1 Hour 24 Minutes
Star CastPeter Firth, Suzan Crowley, Stefan Kalipha, Oh-Tee, Nabil Shaban, Jean Ainslie, Peter Penry-Jones, Morris Perry
GenreDrama, Fantasy, Horror
IMDb Rating6.1/10
Download Quality1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p
Download Size1080p (3.4GB), 720p (1.8GB), 480p (900MB), 360p (540MB)
Downloading PlatformExtramovies, Filmyzilla, Extramovies

Boy, was it something! Everything about it, including the ambiance and mystery, was virtually perfect.

Do you know what gave me the creeps? It was so fascinating that it kept me interested!

However, after the second half, things started to deteriorate a little bit.

Do you get what I mean when I say it seems like the director simply lost their bearings and had no idea what to do next?

I was on the edge of my seat throughout the first section because it was so intriguing and mysterious.

Watch the Born of Fire Movie Movie Trailer In Full HD

Professional flutist Paul Bergson (Peter Firth) meets an astronomer (Suzan Crowley) while investigating the enigmatic death of his famous flutist father.

The scientist describes the unusual solar activity that includes volcanic eruptions and views of a skull staining the sky a dark orange.

Strangely, the astronomer and Paul both experience recurrent dreams, which may be related to a supernatural being known as the Master Musician (Oh-Tee).

They set off towards Turkey, propelled by their common visions, where they meet a devout but mute dervish (Children of Men actor Nabil Shaban), who might be able to explain the gap between this world and a metaphysical and spiritual netherworld.

Born of Fire, while not strictly speaking a horror movie, offers a singular fusion of British cinema and distinctively Middle Eastern mythology, necessitating a reliable guide to comprehend Dehlavi’s work.

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The picture, which was among the most daring cinematic works of the 1980s, had a brief theatrical release before spending decades in VHS Hell.

Indicator, a UK-based label, finally authorized its Blu-ray disc release.

The strange sounds and images onscreen captivate viewers from beginning to end.

Plot Story of The Born of Fire Hollywood Movie

Peter, played by Peter Firth, is a flute player whose performance is marred by strange images.

During a solar eclipse around the same period, an unknown female astronomer by the name of Suzan Crowley makes a ground-breaking discovery about unusual patterns developing on the surface of the sun.

She approaches Peter because he is from that area because she thinks a volcanic eruption in a remote part of Turkey is the reason for the anomalies in the sun.

As the narrative progresses, it becomes clear that Peter’s father passed away in Turkey many years ago while holding a flute.

Peter chooses to visit Turkey out of curiosity and soon finds himself in a cavern close to a volcano that is exploding.

He meets a priest inside who is aware of Peter’s origins.

The priest reveals alarming details Peter’s father died fighting a wicked djinn known as the Master Musician who lives in a nearby cave, and Peter has a malformed brother who lives in the cavern.

Peter also discovers that his mother, a Turkish native, perished tragically by being stoned to death years before.

The female astronomer shows up in the area around the same time and learns she is Peter’s mother’s reincarnation.

As a result of the Master Musician’s manipulation of her spirit, she becomes an evil figure with a penchant for seduction.

Her goal is to convert Peter, but he rebuffs her just long enough to engage the Master Musician in a titanic musical duel, which is the only way to stop the djinn’s scheme to scorch the Earth with his fire powers.

Story After The Interval

Many people have compared BORN OF FIRE to East Asian films with a Mondo Macabro feel, such as Mystics in Bali and The Killing of Satan.

It fails to adequately capture the film’s adventurous and daring spirit, though.

The film does contain a number of shocking and unsettling scenes with full frontal nudity, but it is still too polished for its own good.

The narrative’s depiction of Islamic mysticism appears sincere, as shown by the film’s concluding lengthy quotations from the Koran.

However, this honesty contributes to the issue because the narrative could have benefited from some grim exploitation.

The movie has some brilliant moments despite its shortcomings.

The moments are effectively complemented by the Eastern-influenced music soundtrack, and the settings—particularly a unique all-white rock formation—increase the suspense of the film.

One particularly notable scene is when the heroine stains the rock formation by bleeding onto it.

Instead of being only a somewhat intriguing curiosity, BORN OF FIRE might have become a cult classic if it had included more of these distinctive features.

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